Hiç Organic Olive Forest Tea

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Inhale the nature of Urla in every sip of our Organic Olive Forest Tea.  Aromatic herbs and medicinal plants are carefully harvested by hand from the Hiç Olive Forest – the largest edible and organic forest in Urla which is also home to 60,0000 olive trees.

This loose tea features 9 different organic plants & herbs including: 

Karabaş lavantası /Wild Lavender: The medicinal benefits of using lavender are calming the nerves and anti-anxiety, effective in treating insomnia and fungal infections, helps to avoid hair-loss.

Yabani Sakız Bitkisi/ Wild Mastic Tree: Leaves and berries provide pain relief, acts as an antiseptic, includes blood pressure lowering properties. Berries help fight inflammation of the urinary tract.

Andız Otu/ Elecampane (inula helenium): Acts as a cough suppressant and is an effective treatment for digestive system diseases. It also prevents water retention in the body by eliminating excess salt in the body.

Hayıt Otu/ Lilac Chastetree (Vitex agnus-castus): Natural pain remedy, helps to increase breast milk production. Decreases indigestion. It has the property of hormone balancing, especially in women

Ingredients: Wild lavender(lavandula stoechas),  wild mastic tree leaves and seeds (Pistacia lentiscus), elecampane (inula helenium)lilac chastetree (vitex agnus-castus), olive leaves, wild mountain thyme, lemongrass, green tea